6 Benefits of Solving Crossword Puzzles for Kids

6 Benefits of Solving Crossword Puzzles for Kids

One of the best investments you can make for your kid’s mind is getting them a crossword puzzle. It is an easy and cheap way to keep them productive, active, and occupied as it helps you manage them well.

Rather than introducing your kids to screens and other gadgets at an early age, why not introduce them to a crossword puzzle? They benefit in many ways, and many of these benefits will stay with them for life and reflect in their academics. Also, they get to learn life skills that will be immensely useful for them in the future.

Introducing them to puzzles at an early age will keep their mind sharp and active. Puzzles come in varieties, but this article is particular about crossword puzzles. Here are various ways through which a crossword puzzle will benefit a kid:

1. Keeps their Mind Sharp

Excelling in academics is one of the goals of every parent. Sadly, not many parents see this reflected in their kids. Parents are often disappointed with their kid’s slow learning pace, which reflects in the grade. This can often be traced to their lack of interest in learning new things or the lack of fun and challenge in their studies.

However, a crossword puzzle can be a terrific solution for this. There is proof that crossword puzzles can improve a kid’s interest in learning. It is a fun way to keep them engaged, and your involvement will strengthen their interest in playing. 

2. It Helps Develop Persistence

Crossword puzzles can be challenging, as that is the essence of the game. They come with various difficulty levels, and some might require multiple attempts before getting the correct answer.

A kid without the essential crossword answers tips might get frustrated, as the game requires persistence and tenacity. There will be many failures while trying to make sense of the puzzle, but kids can eventually break it with perseverance. For the kids that persist enough to get the correct answer, it instills a vital life lesson.

They learn that failure is part of life and not the end. They often might not get something right the first time, but persistence will help them get it. This one essential life skill will prepare your child for various challenges in life.

3. It Improves Memory

A crossword puzzle is not for the fainthearted. It takes a lot of brainpowers to decode ways to solve the puzzle. Your little one will need a lot of time staring and staring at the words. This will go a long way to imprint those words in their brain.

In addition to memorizing new words with ease, the process also forces the brain to use many parts of its memory. Such enormous brainpower being engaged to decipher the crossword puzzle will improve memory capacity. This is another life lesson that will be with them for life.

4. Opportunity to Learn New Words

Want to increase your kid’s vocabulary? Get them a crossword puzzle!

The process of solving a crossword puzzle involves looking at the word carefully and the spelling. The spelling needs to be correct, or getting it into the puzzle will be near impossible. As a result, it presents a fun way to increase their vocabulary and learn new words. The process of looking at the word repeatedly, in a quest to find it in the puzzle, imprints it in their brain.

The process also helps them easily spell new words. It will be easy for them to remember spelling words they already came across in a crossword puzzle.

5. It Builds Diligence and Hard work.

Crossword puzzles come in different difficulty levels, with some pretty difficult than others. Kids need a series of trials and attempts before they can arrive at the correct answer. They need patience and persistence, which helps them resist quitting as they try to solve the puzzle.

This teaches essential life skills that nothing good in life comes easy. Life could be full of disappointments, and things might not go as planned. However, this does not rule out the place of trying over and over till they get something right.

With this, they can learn to scale through life’s hurdles, no matter how difficult it seems.

6. Ability to Improve IQ

According to a study, crossword puzzles can keep your mind engaged through problem-solving activities. This engages the brain cells and can reduce the tendency for brain cell damage. Since it engages the mind, it also fosters the growth of new cells.

In addition to the crossword puzzle, puzzles can come in numbers, letters, colors, fruits, shapes, and pets. They can even develop visual awareness when they engage in some puzzle-like the ones that require them to fit a particular puzzle in a specific shape.

Such a puzzle requires concentration, stimulation, and knowledge. It engages their brain and develops problem-solving skills, which reflects in other areas of their life.


It is glaring from the above that crossword puzzle solving benefits the kid, both short and long run. The benefits of solving a crossword puzzle are more than those listed above. In addition, it can foster relaxation, reduce stress, and create bonding time with your kid. A crossword puzzle is handy, simple, and requires no unique gadget or power to run them. It is a cost-effective way to keep your kid engaged and occupied while you are busy with other things. You can explore more crossword answers here.

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