Brief About Daimler AG

Brief About Daimler AG

Daimler AG is the manufacturer of the vehicle. But there are enough stories about this company and (brand) name.

Daimler AG business unit currently consists of four divisions: Mercedes Benz, Daimler Trucks, Daimler service and final division is producing vans and buses.

Surprisingly, the Daimler brand dedicated to the car was never included in the company. A brand which leads a separate life part of a UK company first, then part of the recent Ford and Daimler car-brand got transferred to Tata Motors in India.

Daimler also companies “that” the merger with Chrysler. People often critics of the merger, but you should see it as a wedding; two candidates often break their oath. That should not be a problem. However, when the divestment of Chrysler announced last year DaimlerChrysler stock rose; market glad that the relationship was over.

On the site, there is an investment of Daimler AG reports back to 1979 “when the 84 shareholders meeting is held.” Most interesting is a report from 1998 – one of the merger – 2006 and 2007 to understand the changes.

2007 annual report shows the Daimler corporate values: passion, respect, integrity and discipline. I wonder where this came from: from Daimler or Chrysler. Values ​​which are not new, they were there in 2006 as well as the two companies we are still together. But in the new Chrysler site – which does not offer annual reports, there is no reference to values.

Chrysler is said to be more profitable, Daimler-Benz bigger … But it was in the beginning.

More than a simple wedding, merger “between equals” is more of a challenge. In this respect the cultural differences between the United States and Germany a lot. It started with a fly from the US to Germany and vice versa. An Airbus purchased specifically to serve the traffic of this company (1).

It goes beyond this short article to evaluate the difference, although one is quite elementary: “The title is important in America as well,” said Eaton of Chrysler at one time. Shows differences in how the two companies appreciate status. Eaton is a “pragmatic hands-on engineer,” Schremp champion of shareholder value (1).

But back to the values: the values ​​of the company are not new to the company Daimler, values ​​- passion, respect, integrity and discipline – were there previously. The most likely is that these values ​​have been designed by German management and they have not been fully accepted in the United States.

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