ChowNow is the Easiest Way to Connect with Local Restaurants

ChowNow is the Easiest Way to Connect with Local Restaurants

Food industry has been the biggest beneficiary of the on-demand delivery services. ChowNow is one of the prime examples of this. In less than a decade in the industry, the company has managed to grow into one of the most trusted names in the field. Let’s us have a look at the growth story and everything about it from up close.

The Founding Story

ChowNow was started in the year 2011 by Christopher Webb and Eric Jaffe. Christopher was a former employee with the RBC Bank and Lehmann Brothers, whereas Eric had a background in real estate investment. The app was launched in 2012, and the launch took place at National Restaurant Show in Chicago. Within one year of its founding it managed to raise $4 million in investment from accelerator Launchpad LA. Growing through the ranks and in terms of its numbers, the company managed to raise a total of $40 million in funding by the year 2017.

Partnerships with Other Giants

Maintaining a steady but rapid growth throughout the years, ChowNow partnered with Uber in the year 2016 to enhance its service. It also joined hands with Postmates the same year, and even came up with something called Flex Delivery Service. Today, it partners with thousands of restaurants in all the 50 states in US, making it one of the biggest players in the market.

What makes ChowNow unique?

The biggest reason behind the success of ChowNow is its unique concept. Unlike other app delivery systems in the market, it focuses on bridging the gap between local restaurants and its consumers. Rather it works on bringing the local restaurants in direct contact with the users with the help of technology. How it does this?

Well, the uniqueness lies in the concept.

  • It allows restaurants to connect with customers through their independent channels.
  • It gives them a consumer-facing system, which is unique in itself.
  • Restaurants have the opportunity to brand their apps and customize them
  • They can use ChowNow’s innovative technology through their Facebook or Instagram.

It’s not a Food Delivery Service!

What makes ChowNow standout is the fact that it is not a typical food delivery service. Rather it is SaaS model that charges restaurants for subscription on monthly basis. The restaurants don’t need to invest in any technology, they can use ChowNow for everything, and that’s what makes it such a wonderful option for the restaurants. It even came up with the feature to place order directly via Google Search results – across United States and Canada.

Bridging Disconnect Between Local Restaurants And Consumers

The company was initially started with the motive to build a better way for local restaurants to connect with their consumers. During all these years, it has managed to achieve all this with significant success. Like their website says, their mission is to ‘Help local restaurants thrive’, the company has been taking the right steps in the right direction to achieve their mission. And, it has managed to successful achieve quite a lot!

If you are keen to know more about the company or have any questions, you can get in touch with them here.

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