Doordash – Empowering Local Business To Work, Earn And Live!

Doordash – Empowering Local Business To Work, Earn And Live!

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery platforms out there in the market. Founded in the year 2013 by a group of college students, the company has gone on to accomplish what only a few others have been able to. Although the list of competitors for DoorDash is fairly long, still it manages to clinch the title of one of America’s top favorite food delivery apps, if the top.

A Technology Company

What makes the company stand out is the fact that it calls itself a technology company instead of a regular food delivery system provider. The co-founders, Andy Fang, Tony Xu and Stanley Tang, have been pretty clear from the day one that they are operating a tech company, since their focus is to use a logistic service. And, this qualifies them to be considered as a tech company. And, one must say that over the years the company has evolved into a comprehensive logistic system that not many other tech companies can match.

Serves More Than 600 Cities

Even though it faces a huge direct competition from big names like SkipTheDishes, UberEats, and more, the company has still managed to carve a niche for itself. Valued more than a billion today, the company offers its services across more than 600 cities in North America. Also worth mentioning is the fact that some big investors have shown faith in this technology driven company. Giants like SV Angel, SoftBank, Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures, GIC, Keliner Perkins and Caufield & Byers have invested a total of more than $700 million in the company!

A Way for Financial Independence for People

On one side, DoorDash has managed to emerge as a blessing for local restaurants as the can now deliver their food at every doorstep in their vicinity, it has also worked as a great way for couriers to become financially independent. The couriers make money, firstly in the form of tips that people offer (and they get to keep a 100% of it, that’s right!!!). Secondly, they get a flat fee for every delivery they make! In a way, DoorDash serves as a perfect way to earn some extra bucks and gain financial independence!

Helping Cut down Food Waste

Apart from moving fast and breaking things in the food delivery ecosystem, DoorDash has managed to accolades from world over for its efforts to reduce global food waste. As part of their Project Dash the company is doing all it can for mitigating food wastage problem. In fact, one of its pledges was to partner with Feeding America® Charity and donate one meal for every order placed on their website.

Still Growing With Every Passing Day

Having seen huge taste of success since its inception, the company has over the years managed to partner with big names to expand their services. For instance, the company partner with Walmart in the year 2018 to offer at-home delivery of groceries. And, it continues to grow exponentially even today!

The possibilities are endless

The company, on its official website, claims that this is just the beginning. What started just a door-to-door delivery system has evolved into a technology company that is thriving in the market today. On one side it is connecting people, on the other side it is also inspiring them towards more savings, happier lives and building stronger communities – the possibilities of where they can reach is simply endless. And, if you want to explore more about DoorDash, you can simply contact them here.

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