Nissan Motor Company – Creating Excitement for the Future

Nissan Motor Company – Creating Excitement for the future

Nissan Motor Company is a Japanese automobile giant that has been offering the world with top class automobiles since 1933. In a history that run close to a century now, the company has managed to become the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in the world, which reflects the progress that the company has made.

In this post, we are going to talk about everything that makes Nissan Motor Company one of the most trusted names in the world. So, let us begin.

Roots Dating Back to 1914

Although Nissan was founded in the year 1933, the company has its roots dating back to 1914 when Masujiro Hashimoto came up with Kaishinsha Motor Car Works that later went on to evolve into the company that we know today as Nissan. The name Nissan was used for the first time in 1930s and has been in use since then.

The American Connection

Nissan’s early American connection came with William R. Gorham, an American engineer whom the company had inherited from Kubota. The initial design plans and plant facilities for the Nissan car manufacturing were supplied by his company. Moreover, it was under Graham license that the company started manufacturing its early cars, buses and trucks. In fact, it is also said that Gorham was the true founder of the Nissan Motor Company, and the initial engineers at the company thought highly of him.

The connection further was strengthened during the Korean War during which the company came out as the major manufacturer of American army vehicles.  Once the war was over, the company expanded rapidly. This led to the rise of Nissan Motors as one of the most rapidly growing car manufacturers in the world at that time and the company has never looked back, ever since.

Nissan Motor Company

Worldwide Expansion

The company started its expansion on a global scale in early 50s, when it decided to entire Australian car market. In the year 1960, it formed its first subsidiary in the United States in California, which was headed by Yutaka Katayama. As the oil crisis hit the world during the year 1973, the demand of small economy cars became quite high. This was when the company decided to build new factories in Mexico to meet the ever increasing demand.

Continuous Growth and the Future

For decades now, the company has been leading the charge as one of the top automobile manufactures in the world. Today, it being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric vehicles holds the reputation of being a technology driven company. In fact the company manufactured 3, 20, 000 electric vehicles in the year 2018 alone. And, it continues to be a world leader thanks to the amazing leadership.


Summing up everything about the company in just one post is impossible. However, we have tried to provide in this post almost everything about the beginning of the company and where it stands today in the global marketplace.

If you want to explore further about Nissan Motor Company, you can visit the company’s official website here.  

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