Nuro –Building Future Technology that Benefits Everyone

Nuro –Building Future Technology that Benefits Everyone

We’re changing the world with technology. – Bill Gates

This quote from the revolutionary thinker Bill Gates is a true reflection of what Nuro is doing. One of the leading names in the robotics and artificial intelligence, the company has been breeding a culture that is focused towards building technology that benefits everyone.

The leaders

Nuro was founded by Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu, two technology enthusiasts who have devoted their entire life to robotics and its application to benefit human lives. It was in the year 2016 that these two geniuses got together to give birth to Nuro. These robotics experts have been contributing immensely to the world of technology, their most recent contribution being in Google’s self-driving car project.

Where Thinking Meets Action

Nuro’s core philosophy is to bring together the brightest minds in technology and robotics and build a better future. Some of the things that the company is working on includes projects that involve consumer electronics, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more. The team includes brains that have studied in some of the top universities in the world, including Oxford, Princeton, Chicago, Cambridge, CMU, MIT, Stanford, Toronto, Waterloo and more.

Launch of R1

In one of the ground breaking inventions, Nuro managed to create the world’s first self-driving delivery vehicle named R1. R1 was officially launched in 2018 with the motive to bring a revolutionary change in the commerce delivery system. The machine, which weighs approximately 1500 pounds and is 1.8 meter in height is almost half the size of a regular sedan car. It can carry up to 12 grocery bags and solve the complex challenge of delivering day to day products.

Projects and Partnerships

Since the launch of R1, the company has been growing from strength to strength. Partnering with some industry leaders, the company has managed to showcase how robotics and technology is going to be the future. Nuro partnered with Kroger in June 2018, the retail giant, to test delivery of groceries using fully autonomous methods. A couple of months later, it announced partnership with Fry’s Food and Drug Store in Arizona, USA. The biggest success came when the company got in partnership with the Pizza giant Domino’s, in which it planned to start it autonomous delivery service in Houston.


Apart from winning various world level competitions in robotics such as ImageNet, DARPA Robotics Challenge and DARPA Urban Challenge, the company has managed to win a number of other accolades as well. In fact, Nuro was ranked in the top 10 startups of the year 2019 by LinkedIn.

Want to know more about Nuro?

The company, with its team of visionaries, is working towards innovation at a breakneck speed. There is so much in the pipeline, and some major launches in the near future. With the vision to change the world with technology, Nuro has grown on to become one of the most recognized names in the robotics and technology sphere.

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