Postmates – Delivering Happiness throughout America on Demand

Postmates – Delivering Happiness throughout America on Demand

We live in a world governed by technology. And, technology has given us so many startups that have changed the course of our lives. One such name that has revolutionized on-demand services is Postmates. Founded in the year 2011, the company has gone on to become one of the most popular names in America.

The beginning

The company, found by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street, has often been called by its founders as anti-Amazon. Since it is competing directly with big names such as amazon. An exciting thing about Postmates is that it was one of the first accelerator cohorts of the Angelpad platform. And, within four year of its launch i.e. by 2015, the company had managed to carry out 2.5 million deliveries all across America, with a fleet of more than 13,000 couriers throughout the country.

The growth in US and beyond

Growing year by year, the company soon started to expand its network beyond the United States. As the first step towards this growth, Postmates launched its service in Mexico in the year 2017. At the same time it continued its growth in American market as well. Within the next couple of years the company was operating across 550 cities in the country. In the same year, it received a funding of $300 million, and it was valued at 1.2 billion dollar company by Fortune.

A pioneer in the field of on-demand economy

What makes Postmates such an exciting business model is the fact that it was one of the first service providers in the on-demand economy. Delivering not just food, but everything that you can ever think of – from grocery to everyday items – postmates delivered it all.

It’s simple, and highly convenient

Being one of the first of its kind, Postmates managed garner a lot of hype and soon went on to become one of the most desired apps in the market. Even today, although the competition has risen many times, Postmates is still one of the most popular apps for on-demand service.


Just like every other business that has risen to fame from nothing, Postmates has also had its fair share of controversies in the past. Along with other on-demand apps like GrubHub Inc., Uber Eats and DoorDash Inc., Postmates was sued by a group of activists from New York. Their claim was that these companies are using their power to prevent restaurants from offering discount to the customers who place their order directly. The case is still being processed and there has not been any result so far.

Continues to grow stronger

Even after all the hullaballoo and controversies, Postmates still stands tall as one of the most loved and cherished on-demand apps in the market. Serving more than 2940 cities in the United States, and estimated revenue of more than a billion dollars, Postmates is a true reflection of the American Dream. How big the company is can be estimated from the fact that it has a fleet of 500,000 members, which the company refers to as Postmates, and is associated with more than 600,000 merchants throughout the country and serves an approximate of 80% households across all the 50 states in America.

Want to know more about the company, you can check it out here.

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