The AppLovin Story – From Stealth Mode to Ruling the Mobile Gaming Industry

The AppLovin Story - From Stealth Mode to Ruling the Mobile Gaming Industry

What stands tall today as everyone’s favorite mobile gaming network, AppLovin was operated in stealth mode for more than 2 years after it was founded, raising funds and acquiring some big customers while it continued to find its feet in the market. Headquartered today in Palo Alto, California, the company has had huge success over the years and emerged as one of the most popular names in the mobile gaming industry today. The story, however, is nothing short of any Hollywood flick.

The Inspiration behind Its Name

There’s a story behind every successful brand. And, AppLovin is no different. It was started by two tech crazy guys who were set to make a dent in the mobile gaming universe. In the year 2012, Adam Foroughi, John Krystynak, and Andrew Karam got together to start this mobile gaming company that we know today as AppLovin.

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Not many people might believe this, but the company’s name was inspired from the movie Superbad. Yes, AppLovin’s founder Adam Foroughi liked the character McLovin in the movie so much that he was inspired to name their company on it. And, that’s how the name AppLovin was coined. As crazy and unrealistic as it might sound, but that’s the reality!

Taste of Success

AppLovin is a huge name today, but like every successful company they also started small and worked their way through. However, the company started tasting success quite early. Before it even came out of the curtains of stealth mode, it had acquired some pretty big names as its clients and received some great funding.

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To put this into perspective, during the initial couple years since its founding in 2012, the company managed to raise a total of $4 million from different angel investors. This included names like Streamlined Ventures and Webb Investment Networks. While the company was still focused on developing their finished product, it acquired major names like Opentable and Spotify as its customers.

As Of Today

Taking a big leap in its field, the company launched Lion Studios in the year 2018. This was an independent division of the company that was created to publish and promote the games created by mobile developers from around the world – and it became huge success. Today the company is working as one of the top names in the mobile gaming industry with its tools reaching out to more than 470 mm mobile gamers.


The company’s success and growth has been received positively by tech surveyors from around the globe. In fact, AppLovin featured in Deloitte’s Fast 500 North America list at the 10th spot – reflecting the company’s success as one of the fastest growing names in the mobile gaming world.

If you are a game developer looking to rise up the scales in mobile gaming industry, you need to check AppLovin’s powerful solutions out. Not only will you find plenty of solutions to engage your users, but also see a boost in your revenue as well.

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