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Unable to set up AOL mail on a Mac

AOL Phone Number

There are very few email service providers who enjoy as much popularity as AOL. The service is used for business as well as personal communication between millions of users around the globe. The amazing features of AOL include spell checking and options to unsend emails as well. But perhaps the feature that users find most helpful is the fact that AOL is extremely compatible. It can be used with different devices, different internet browsers and different operating systems. But whenever users are switching to a new device or using a different operating system they may encounter problems. This article will act as a short guide if you are finding it difficult to set up AOL mail on your Mac device. Apart from the steps mentioned here you can also call the AOL support number and consult an expert to explain the issue you have the account set up.

Steps to set up AOL mail on Mac

The steps to follow when setting up your AOL mail account may vary depending on your device and which version operating system you are using. But as far as Mac goes, you can follow the suggestions below to set up AOL mail on your device

  • Step 1: Open the ‘Mail’ application on your Mac device.
  • Step 2: Search for the option to ‘Add Account’.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘IMAP’ as the account type and continue
  • Step 4: Type a title for Account Description. For example, “AOL Email”.
  • Step 5: Enter your AOL email ID. For example “jane@aol.com”
  • Step 6: In the Incoming Mail Server section type “imap.aol.com”
  • Step 7: Enter the AOL screen name as the username. For example “Jane Doe”
  • Step 8: Enter your AOL password
  • Step 9: In the Outgoing Mail Server field type “smtp.aol.com”
  • Step 10: Tick the “Use Authentication” box and proceed.
  • Step 11: Type in the details as required in step 7 and step 8 and press ‘Continue’ to confirm.

If you followed the steps in the correct sequence and typed in the information as given then you should be able to successfully access your AOL email account using your Mac device

Additional Troubleshooting Solutions

If for whatever reason, the setup failed and you were unable to configure your AOL email account on Mac then you can try the troubleshooting suggestions mentioned below:

  • Check AOL mail account settings:Check to see if you have granted all the necessary permissions through the email settings. You should make sure the user account information entered at the time of setup was correct.
  • Refresh the AOL mailbox: In the Mac Mail Window, there is a button that allows you to refresh your mailbox. You should see it right below the option to ‘Setup AOL account’. Click that inbox button to refresh your mailbox.
  • Restart the Mac Mail app: Sometimes imply close and restarting the Mac mail app is enough to troubleshoot any minor errors you may encounter in AOL mail.

If the problem still continues even after you have implemented the changes recommended in this article you can contact AOL tech support number and for additional technical support on how to set up mail on your Mac device.