What Is Shortfill E-liquid And Tips to Use It?

What Is Shortfill E-liquid And Tips to Use It?

For the longest time, vaping has gotten a bad rap, it actually still does, but now people are less relentless against it and gradually become more accepting of it. Its popularity, especially among young adults, has motivated manufacturers to develop innovative ideas in the vaping space continually — case and point; shortfills.

But what exactly are shortfills, you ask? Well, stick around a little further and learn more about this “foreign” concept in the vaping world.

What are Shortfill E-Liquids?

Shortfills e-liquids that are nicotine-free e-liquids packaged in a bottle large enough to add your desired amount of nicotine. Shortfill bottles are typically filled around half to five-sixths capacity, with the remainder being for your nicotine.

For instance, if you purchase a 50ml of shortfill, it comes packed in a 60 ml bottle, leaving you with 10ml for a single shot of nicotine. If you want two shots of nicotine, you could go for the 100ml shortfill that comes in a 120ml bottle.

How Did Shortfills Come Into Existence?

Shortfill bottles were created in response to an EU-wide law, the TPD, which made selling any “nicotine-containing liquid” illegal for bottles larger than 10ml.

Shortfills don’t have any nicotine whatsoever, so if you’re a vaper in the UK, for instance, or anywhere in the world, you can buy any amount of e-liquid from the voopoo drag mods collection and add your shot of nicotine if you so desire.

Nicotine shots are usually sold in 10ml bottles and have a strength of about 18 to 20 mg/ml. This means you can customize your nicotine intake depending on what you can handle.

Apart from that, shortfill bottles also allow die-hard vapers to get more than 10ml of e-liquid at a time. Think about it, a 100ml or  50ml  shortfill bottle is far cheaper and convenient compared to five or ten 10ml bottles.

How Are Shortfills Different From Pre-Mixed Liquids?

Shortfill e-liquids are a cheaper option compared to buying 10ml of pre-mixed bottles of e-liquids. That’s a significant difference, as they more or less taste the same. When you purchase one bottle of shortfill e-liquid, you’ll get two or three bottles altogether.

One large bottle contains the nicotine-free e-liquids and one or two 10 ml bottles that have the nicotine. To mix the two, empty the nicotine bottles into the giant shortfill bottle and shake, and voila, — you get the same e-liquid you’re used to using.

Tips on How to Use Shortfills

Shake Your Shortfill E-Liquid Frequently

When using shortfill e-liquid, you have to remember that it’s not the standard e-liquid you’re used to. Standard e-liquids are mixed with industrial-grade equipment that mixes the ingredients perfectly and will unlikely ever separate.

However, with shortfills, your e-liquids will likely separate, so after you mix it with your nicotine, shake it vigorously.

Get a Nicotine Short That Matches the VG/PG of Your Shortfill Liquid

Nicotine shots may be flavorless, but they will dilute the flavor of your shortfill vape juice. Not only that, but the VG/PG ratio can also change once you add a nicotine shot. Be sure to get a compatible nicotine shot if you’re making a custom shortfill with a different nicotine strength.

How To Measure Nicotine Content Correctly

Find out how much nicotine you want to add to your shortfill. Figure out the amount of vape juice you want to create, then divide this amount but the total nicotine you’ll add.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Shortfill E-Liquid?

Shortfills Are Less Convenient Than Pre-Mixed E-Liquids

One of the significant issues around shortfill e-liquids is the inconvenience they present compared to pre-mixed ones. When you get a pre-mixed e-liquid, all you need to do is fill your vape tank when running low.

With shortfills, however, you have to mix it then shake for a couple of minutes. Shortfill e-liquids add a few extra steps to your vaping routine altogether.

With Shortfills, There Is Potential for a Mess or Spillage

Handling shortfill e-liquids may become messy sometimes. If you’re not attentive when mixing the nicotine shot and the shortfill e-liquid, you may get a little of both on your hands and work area. There’s also the possibility that you could knock over the shortfill e-liquid bottle or nicotine shot after taking off their caps.

Losing an entire bottle means you’ll experience a loss both of time and money.

Shortfills Means You May Have a Diluted E-Liquid Flavor

You must purchase your shortfill e-liquid from a manufacturer that understands how the shortfill process works. When you mix in the nicotine shot with your flavored shortfill e-liquids, the flavor may be diluted to some extent. Nicotine shots are flavorless, and adding them to your e-liquid is like adding water.

To avoid this, some manufacturers add extra flavor to their shortfill e-liquids. This means the nicotine shot won’t affect the taste of the e-liquid and remains the same as your typical pre-mixed 10 ml bottle. If your shortfill e-liquids taste is weaker, it means that the manufacturer never added the extra flavor to it.


If you want to give shortfill a try, go ahead and do so, there are worth the money and time. Shortfills are also exceptionally great for people who don’t enjoy nicotine while they vape, and if you’re one of them, they’re for you.

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