Zoox: Self-Driving Its Way to Success and Beyond

Zoox: Self-Driving Its Way to Success and Beyond

Thanks to the technological advancements that we have made over the years, the imagination of having self-driving cars running on the streets has become a reality today. And, Zoox is one of the most successful players that has brought this reality to life with its self-driving cars. Founded in the year 2014 by Tim Kentley-Klay and Jesse Levinson, Zoox has emerged as one of the most popular names in the newly evolved robo-taxi market.

The story behind the name

Zoox is named after Zooxanthellae, single celled microorganisms that lives in symbiotic relationship and uses renewable energy for its survival. Since the company also employs a similar philosophy in its cars, and the relationship it wants to create with people, the name Zoox was chosen.

In the news

The company has been highly successful since its launch, and has achieved a number of firsts. It was the first company to get approval for creating self-driving vehicles for public transport in California, United States in the year 2018.

Owing to the success that the company has managed to achieve in its testing and self-driving vehicles, Zoox is currently valued at more than $3.2 billion. In fact, it has managed to raise a funding of more than $800 million over the years, and the list of investors includes names like Draper Fisher Jurventson.

Positive reviews

Although it has been given a green light to legally be used as public transport, the company has been allowed to use its trial vehicles in the Financial District and North Beach in California.  This unconventional start of testing the vehicles in a busy area rather than the quite suburbs is being looked at by many as a great decision. And, the vehicles have been getting great positive reviews from people.

In fact, in the words of its founder, Jesse Levinson, in an interview published on Business Insider, “Our vehicles are better than human drivers at following the rule.” He further goes on to say that since humans can be predictable, these cars are worse at predicting the behavior of erratically driven vehicles.

Impressive, but there’s a lot to be explored

Even though the company is one of the leading names in autonomous driving service industry, and has impressed a number of intelligent minds with their self-driving cars, there is a lot that still needs to be explored. And, when we can see these cars actually operating in the real-world, well, there’s a lot of debate about that.

But keeping all those things aside, the work done by Zoox in self-driving niche is outstanding. It is nothing short of groundbreaking, since it has managed to bring a lot of new technologies. In fact, the riders who have gone for the test ride in California are comparing their experience to be more comfortable than any of the competitors out there in the market. And, that says it all.

If you are keen to explore more about the self-driving cars from Zoox or have anything that you would like to know about the company, you can simply contact them below.

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